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Happy new year and thoughts on this new year

Happy New year dear readers !! I cannot quite believe the year is ending and a new  one is about to begin !!


This is a set of wine charms I just made and  had to share on this blog, so perfect !!!

I am alone in the house today with my thoughts and wanted to kind of do an informal review of the past year. How did we do with our finanical goals, well, ehh.

We started out the year with our wonderful coaches and they helped us a lot, thanks to you Jeff and Robin !! We paid off a lot of debt with money from a car accident and were on our way to debt free and then decided to move back to our home town and buy a second house as our daughter and family were renting our home and due to the amount of pets and people they would not have been able to rent elsewhere.

We had to buy applicances for the house, light fixtures and some other things, and we ended up with some debt again. Most of it interest free for two to three years, but still debt. We kind of fell off the debt free wagon in some ways.

We still paid off a lot of stuff but end of the year when overtime went away and things were really tight before we could get our savings back up to a grand we ended up using one credit card again

We are not proud of this, but we are not letting it get us down.

We are starting this new year with renewed excitement about getting debt free and we still plan to make our coaches and ourselves proud !! Losing the overtime when he was injured at work, showed us the worst case we had worried about for yearsand it was not as bad as it could have been. Now he is released by the doctor and back to his regular work and overtime . We will get our savings up to a full months living expenses and then knock out debt this year. Usually only a grand is suggested, but we want a full month of living expenses plus a few hundred , for peace of mind. My mother in law lives in another state and if she were to have issues and David needed to go back there for a few weeks to a month, I want to know he could. FMLA would allow him to go, but money , or lack of, could be the reason he could not go. The additional amount needed to be a grand over living expenses  eventually will get put in there once we knock out a bill or two to make sure we have travel expenises if we had to leave. We have a lot of debt left to pay off and I will post on that another time. I do not have everything in front of me but in Jan I will sit down and figure out the debt owed and debt plan.

Despite some set backs last year, we are excited to move forward into the next year. After a long discussion with our daughter and son in law, it turns out the new house is much better for them now that our son in laws family has decided to move out, and back to where they had moved from so we are doing the work needed to get this house ready for them and in a few months we plan to switch houses and they will buy this one from us in a few years when they are ready !! They love this house we just bought  as much as we love the one they are in, so we are both very excited to make the switch !! We will gain more house and rooms, but they gain a set up more suitable to them and an attached  one car garage we  used for storage but as it has heat and air in it, they will use it as part of the house. The previous owner was about to expand into the garage and had a vent put in and working when he died and his widow we bought from was never able to do the expansion.

It will be an interesting few months, a lot of work, we have to put a six foot fence around this house, with kids and a huge dog that can jump a short fence, that is mandatory to them moving in here.Also since the owner we bought from owns the house next door, it was her moms and she sold us this one to buy that one from the estate,  so since 1964 when both were built there has never been a fence between the houses and she has a dog too, so fence is mandatory !! Our son in law will be helping with the fence and we are all very motivated.

A busy year, lot of wonderful goals and plans and I will be writing more about it all as the year goes on.

I hope everyone has a wonderful year in 2014 !!!

Thanks for stopping by !! here is the home we are moving back into !!! Our beloved 90 year old cottage !! That  picket is our first and biggest project when we move home, it is a mess !!!



here is the home we are in now, but selling to the kids !!the yard art and flags are the sellers, she took them next door !!!

our new house 1


Finances for life


I have discovered that working on your finances and working to get rid of debt is the same as trying to diet to lose weight. There are no shortcuts and diets do not work.

The only way to lose weight is to figure out what works best for you long term. What changes you can make to your eating habits that you can sustain for life and  make a plan based on those changes that will help you not only lose weight but  maintain that weight loss for the rest of your life .  It is that simple. Make a plan, based on what is working to get you to your goal and then maintain that plan to keep you were you want to be. Small fun rewards should be factored in, a planned meal that is not in your plan, but really IS in your plan becausae you figure it in. That is how to lose weight, and keep it off .

The same is true with personal finance.We came in all excited last year. We were blessed with a wonderful couple to be our debt coaches. We applied to win a debt scholorship and were working hard to pay off debt. It was not sustainable. It was not sustainable because our heads were not completely in it right.  We thought we had our heads on straight, but we were still in that diet mentality. We had not gotten it , not really.

LIfe is up and down, and changes day to day . YOu have to have a plan that you can maintain and that you can adjust to help you through all of lifes quick turns.

We were living in a lovely house we had owned for ten years. Our daughter and her husband and kids had moved in with us from out of state where jobs were few and they needed to find a new life in an area where they could afford to live and find jobs. After three years they were ready to move out and on thier own.  Before they had moved in we had talked for years about moving up an hour away closer to my husbands work.  He has been at that job for ten years this month. We thought we would love him having a short drive and enjoy having more time together. So, we told the kids they could rent our house as long as they needed for our mortgage payment, as that was way cheaper than the rents in our town for a house that would work for them until they were ready to buy thier own house and at that point we would make our house a rental. That had been our plan since we bought it in  Feb of 2002 eventually buy another house and rent out that house, so everything was falling into place.

We loved the change and the excitement of moving for about three months. Then the holidays hit and we were an hour away from our kids and grandkids. We missed them and the holidays were not that fun being so far away. We k new we would not be staying up there but would be moving home. We just had to wait it out until our 14 month lease was up Aug 11 , 2013.

Early this  year we bought a nice used car , a  2011 Passet ,  because we only had one car and when that car died on a thursday, my husband had to rent a car to drive to work for the  weekend until it could be repaired so he did not lose an incredible weekend of overtime and his regular pay on Friday. We knew we had to get a second car and we bought that nice used VW Passet from a dealer. It was a dealer owned car, a loaner car that buyers used when thier new passet was in the shop for maint or repairs under warrenty.

here is the picture the dealer took for our personalized  calendar the day we bought our first Passet.  Yes, I said first.

picking up our car

Great car, wonderful price, we had just bought it when we got our debt program started and we had such regrets about that purchase and wondered what we had been thinking but what was done was done and we had to live with that decision, and then three weeks later, we were involved in a pile up on the high way. My husband missed hitting the pile up in front of us, but we lost our car anyway because of a car coming up behind us, swerved to miss us and his large enclosed trailer hit the back corner of our car and it was totaled. We were so excited when he was able to stop and then bam, what a shock !!!



most of the car was pristine, just that back corner totaled it. We thought it would be okay, but on the road, we could not see the full damage.

When we went to see it at the repair place , we were devestated, we did not even recognize it as we walked up.


We had not put a dime down and had not made a payment on this car and we still ended up with some money to put toward debt and that is what we did. We paid off a few grand in debt, we were thrilled. We did get another car, a trade in from the same dealer but it was a horrible car and we had to keep taking it in so after a month, still no payment, no  money down, we traded it in for the 2013 we are driving today.

Ironicly, we got the personalized calendar weeks after we lost the car !! I still have it but we never did use it, lol !!!

This all happened end of Jan through March. IT was a crazy four months. Who buys three differant Passets in four months ? We did.  But we ended up with a good car but like Dave Ramsey says, we paid a big stupid tax for it. We had to trade in the trade in and even thought it had only been a few weeks, we lost some money on it in the trade in. We did  get a great interest rate at 1.90 but we have a high balance for six years.  Not ideal for paying off debt and wealth building and if we could go back we would do the entire thing over. I console myself that the thousands we got from the accident more than covered  what we lost in the trade in. But it was still a dumb situation. We do love the car, and it looks very much like the one we lost, but has much better features because it was a new 2013  model. We plan to drive this car for at least 10 year and probably longer to be honest.

The car is a blessing now that we moved. David drives it to work and the savings in gas from not having to drive his 1998 GMC full size extended cab pickup to work pays for aabout  half the car payment so that is a good thing.  Not putting those kind of miles on an already old truck is good too. We hate using up our 100,000 mile warrenty in four or so  years instead of the seven allowed, but it saves us a ton on gas.

Fast forward to June and we knew we were going to be moving when our lease was up Aug 11. We also knew our house was not an option. Our son in laws parents had moved from out of state too and were staying with them until they got settled and ready to get out on thier own, a plan we knew about when we offered to rent the house to them  and partly why we wanted them to rent it. No landlord in our area would rent even a large house to five adults, two kids, two cats and three dogs. We , knowing what  incredibly clean and responsiblle people they  all are, had no qualms about   it, they will leave that house cleaner than they got it. But that option being off the table we could either rent in our town  and pay upwards of 1000 a month or purchase a second home, IF they would let us.

So, we decided to try and we were able to do it. So we ended up with a 750 payment instead of a 1000 rent. It might go up a bit once the tax people find out we paid more for it than the previous owner did, so that 750 will probably go up next year to 800 to 850 but still much less than rent would be.  We were able to buy another  inexpensive house, more of a starter than the one we already own. A bit smaller, although much bigger living areas that our other house which is wonderful , but  only one bath and three bedrooms in comprarison to the two baths and four bedrooms and two living areas we had in our other house. But it is ours, no landlord and the money goes toward our own home ownership and not  to another  person to pay off thier house. We had to save up 3,500 to pay off our old 401 k loan from five years ago, and get a new one for enough to put down 8 grand on the house , with closing costs, and pay for the basic  move. We had borrowed a grand of the money to pay off the loan so the first grand of the 401 k went back to  our daughter who loaned us the money. We closed on our house the start of Aug and moved in Aug 5, with a week to clear out the apartment we camped with basics as David took stuff home after work every day and then we moved on the 10th with a moving van.

We have been in the house two months and buying another older house has been expensive. We had to replace mini blinds, light fixtures and  put in some shelves and buy paint , it has been ongoing. No regrets as we just hated renting for that 14 months we moved away so we are so happy to be in our own house, but the maint., and repairs on two homes is a bit overwelming at times, but we are ever grateful we have both of the houses. We have a lot of updating to do as we can do it. There is a huge pantry closet that is set up to be made into a second bathroom with sewer already set up under it . We have to put in a slider door in the living room where a window is,  to get out into the backyard from the house as it is not practical going thorugh the garage to get to the back yard , so we basicly do not use the back yard. There is also no fence between our neighbor, the lady that sold us the house and her house, which was her moms house and why she sold us ours, to buy her moms. We need to put up a fence as her dog is in our yard and barks under our windows ,  and I am uneasy letting the grand kids out there with a dog, even a nice dog . for now we are going to put up a ranch type wire fencing and steel stake fence until we can justify spending what we need to on a six foot privacy. The door and second bathroom will have to wait, and with our son moving in this month, also planned, one bathroom will be a huge challenge for sure !!

Our debt payment, beyond minimum payments, went on the back burner and we actually added a lot of debt to our list, washer, dryer, fridge, microwave, all for no interest for 36 months, so at that is good. We started getting into some bad habits again, eating out way too much and not paying attention to our spending.  Unfortunately, our default setting. What we have always done. We pay our bills, that is never an issue, but we spend, not save or pay off debt when we are not paying attenion. We spend any extra.

It had to stop.

My husband was able to get a new credit card and we put almost  all our old debt on it , every single card but the Best Buys that the appliances are on and one large card I have that I also had put some debt on  at at a much lower interest rate . His new account is interest free for 18 months on those transfers, It has a lower interest rate than all the cards have even if we could not pay it off, but we have to get that paid in the 18 months.

We have a new plan. Take his bonus the start of the year and pay off our personal loan that we took out to help our son start school and helped with our move up to by work.  With the 260 per month  freed up, we will attack that 18 month debt to get it all done by the time the 18 months is over. Then we will attack the card I paid bills off with and  the Best Buy debt. If we stay with our plan, we should be debt free except for the car and houses by the end of  2015, probably  even sooner, but that is a good and achievable date to have it all paid off.

All our credit debt, the transferred, old debt on my card,  and current Best buy comes to 16,300. 00. This does not include the loan we will pay off next March, 2014 . It does not include the 401 k loan either. After paying off the loan which will be 2500 by the time he gets his bonus, it should be enough to  pay off another 1500 to 2000 if his bonus is what it usually is. Lets just  say 1300 for easy math,  which will take us to $15,000 left on our debt.  That is a great start and then we will have the 260 a month times  nine months in 2014 and 12 in 2015 which is 21 months and comes to 5460 to put toward that debt, and then that gives us a balance of aprox 9540.00  Another bonus in 2015 should erase at least  3000 and  most likely more, but I am being conservative here, and that leaves a balance of 6540 to pay off over the 21 months. That is only 311 a month total, including the minium paid on the interest free cards  so the more I bring to the table each month, the sooner those can be paid off.

Our emergency fund got hammered by several big car repairs, along with the move,  and so we are rebuilding it. I should have it back  up to 1500  this month due to some wonderful and unexpected overtime . I am going to do 2000 instead of 1000 because of the fact we do have two old homes and three cars, our son drives one of them until he can buy a car. That one , in fact, is the one that has cost us so much. It is an 89 and a good little truck , but a lot of maint type repairs hit us all at once. We still have a few small ones to do, but they will fit in our budget.I should be able to get that 2000 by the end of the year.  We are keeping the holidays really cheap, and plan to stick to that plan no matter what !!

So, I am optomistic that we can pay off all our c redit debt by the end of 2015 and my goal is to do it much sooner !! then we will hit that 401 k loan with the debt snowball, all the minimums from the paid off cards  and that 260 a month, plus the bonus, and then the car. I would love to pay off that car a year and a half early and that will be my goal as we get the other debt gone.

I am hoping to be able to bring in some income. I am working hard on my jewerly and eventually I want to get a job but right now it is just not going to happen.  But I am going to make sure every dollar I can make, and every dollar my husband can make goes to where it is supposed to go.

I made a promise to be transparent when we started this journey. I have not been here on the blog much and have not said much about our mistakes because I wanted to speak to Robin our coach first, I owed them the truth before I put it here. She was wonderfully supportive and I promised her we would make them proud .

We had messed up and fell into old bad habits.  Grocery shopping and not keeping on budget and eating out too much and picking up stuff for the house, needed stuff, but stuff we should have budgeted in over time.

Stupid , old habits.  Just like going off a diet, it causes shame and frustration with ourselves.

We are now actively working on both weight loss and the debt repayment and are excited about our future and what we can accomplish in the next few years. We have a lot of dreams and goals and before we can even start working on those, we have to get the debt taken care of.

But now we have a plan, one that is maintable, one that can take us to our goals. We had that before, but now our heads are on straight and we finally “get it  !! ”

So, I wanted to update and  tell what we have been doing and about our journey and our future goals.  I want to have a place to be accountable and to keep track of our progress . I wanted to be completely honest about our mistakes and now we plan to fix them.

Thanks for stopping by, I appreciate whoever takes the time to read my blogs ,  and always love any advice or personal stores people would like to share here , so please comment if you want to share !! I would love to hear from you !!!


love this old avon bottle I found at a friends yard sale


End of month one

I am so pleased with our first month of snowballing our debt. Even thought our official budget plan started last week, we were hitting the debt as hard as we could. I could not be much happier with our month one progress.

Two cards, and an old medical bill gone. We paid off a grand total of $1096 this month. I had filled out a survey for  Debt Movement and shortchanged our balance, so I was very happy to find where I had written the beginning balances down and it was much more than I thought we had  paid off.

Two bills I never have to pay again. The cards are gone, and when I paid off the second one yesterday, which will post today, they asked if my card was available and I said no. I just had to answer some security questions, lol !!

here are my cards in case you missed it,

Feb 2013 004


They are gone, cut up and I am working on something creative to do with all those little pieces !! The jewelry artist in me is going to come up with something fun !!

So, end of month one, I could not be happier to have such a great start, we are on our way.

We  have set some lofty goals for next month, but with money saved in the bank toward the largest bill for next month, the IRS, we just  might be able to pull it off. We recently finally, changed our deductions and should not have to pay the IRS anything other than payroll deductions ever again.

So, our  goals, with an almost 3 grand IRS are  $ 4773.35  I know that sounds like a very lofty goal, but we have money coming in from a car accident, ie, wage and medical bill reimbursement, and some debt being paid back by our kids, and most of the IRS is in savings, so I am shooting high and we will see how far we can get, but that is what I hope to pay off  next month, which would eliminate three more cards, an old electric bill and the IRS.

So, in a month I will let you know if we made it, but if we aim high, we have a better chance to hit and should do well regardless, but we are  sure going to work  hard to hit this goal !!

My husband and I are very excited and so ready to get this debt gone !! He is working hard to get all the overtime he can and I am working hard to fill my etsy store and make lots of sales . I believe I have a link to the side to at least my jewelry blog, if not my store, I have some  lovely wine charms and a mix of jewelry. Any money I earn, is going toward our debt snow ball. The jewelry blog has a link to my store. I hope you will check it out, I do custom work too, usually at no extra charge !!

I have to once again give our debt coaches Jeff and Robin Ehrlich over at Debt Squad huge thanks  for all thier support and knowledge. Having them work with us, has kept us accountable and helped us so much. I have thier  link on the side bar too, be sure and check out their website, they have so much amazing information there to help you get started and get your debt paid off !!

Well, off to work on some listings for Etsy, thanks for stopping by. I will be keeping this site updated and also work more this month on talking about how we are cutting our expenses and staying on track, I guess more of the process .

Thanks for stopping by !!



Been off line a full week  because of a week of visting grandkids.

This week we start our official first week on our new budget. Robin,  one of our debt coaches set up our new budget and we have a set plan for every dollar. Our spend every penny plan. S E P .  This past week we took the first bit of money from our car accident  accident and paid off our first card of our debt snow ball. How exciting to finally see one debt gone. I will be paying another hundred today on the second bill and  will be chipping away until it is gone, which when we get some more insurance money  should take care of it, and number three. I am so thrilled to see the snow ball starting.

So, starting  this week it will be tight, but we are not the least bit upset about the tight budget, we are so excited to see this process starting . We look so forward to seeing the debts disapear !! Once the bills are paid off, what freedom we will have !! We are determined to get there as fast as we can !!

So, as we go along I will share what we learn and our progress here. It was hard to be offline for a week, but I am back now and excited to be seeing the debt snowball start !!



Still motivated !!

I just wanted to check in as I have not been here much since the car accident !! Things are great, we just have had alot to deal with, papers and forms and faxing and so on. My husband has been home , more days then not since we got hit,  taking vacation days, both to heal at the start and then to take care of all the paperwork involved. I am not usually on the computer when he is home.

We are still just as dedicated to getting deby free as day one, it just has been a couple of mind numbing weeks since we got hit and we have only dealt with half the claim.  The car was the most important thing to deal with as we want to avoid making that huge payment. Once the car is handled, hopefully  this week, then we will deal with  the other insurance with the wages and medical reiumbursement and what every else we have to deal with.

We got a bit behind on our 30 day  challenge tasks, so we got caught  up and will start fresh today , Thanks Jeff and Robin for your patience with us, we are getting back on track this week and we should have a lot of postive things to report by the end of the month as planned   !!

So, just because I have not been here does not mean we fell off our debt free wagon, could not be farther from the truth !! We are more determined than ever to kick this debt to the curb so we can start working on other things we want to create in our lives !! We could not be more excited to be on this debt free journey !!

I will be posting more this week about our challenges and what we are accomplishing on our debt repayment plan !!

Thanks for stopping by !!


One Week later today

It has been a week since the accident and things are still a bit crazy but we are starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

We have had so many hoops to jump through and calls to make and questions to answer to get the loan paid off, and the gap insurance to fill in the , well, gap !!

We had to cancel the extended warrenty and the hazard insurance , sign and next day papers to our insurance company as they are going to get the car paid off and then get reimubursed by the other insurance company. We still have to get copies of the doctor bills and get the cars info from the insurance company for the gap insurance company ,  once they take possesion of it. On and on and on, wow !!

The end result will be however, the car will be paid off in full with no money out of our pocket. We put no money down and had not yet made our first payment, which is not due until March 12th . So, we basicly got to borrow the car for three weeks. So sad, but true. Not how we expected this to turn out. As much as we had regretted the purchase when we started with our debt coaches not long after we purchased it, we had planned on attacking that payment as soon as the other bills were paid. We loved the car and it was what it was and we would have paid it off as soon as possible. We are choosing to look at this sad situation, seeing a beautiful brand new car destroyed is never a happy day, as a blessing in disquise in our pursuit to be debt free. Now we can get out of debt much sooner and pursue our dreams even faster !!

We did spend a bit more than we should off on convience eating, something we tried to avoid, but the sheer exhaustion just made cooking hard a few days. We are back on track with home made food and will take that into March.

I am so grateful we bought the GAP insurance, that was something we made sure we had. That was not an option. We have never needed to use GAP on previous loans, but that is the nature of insurance, you hope you never need it, but prepare in case you do !!

We are trying to get back on track with our assignments with the debt coaches too and that is a priority now that things have settled a bit. David still has to take a couple more vacation days to get the rest of this stuff taken care of. He cannot take care of the calls at work, as he can make calls, but no one is ever there when he calls and the nature of his job is he is working all over the buliding and is not able to answer the return calls. Phone tag is the result. So, he will take off the next two days to get all our ducks in a row. We also have to get that rental car back as well.

Anyway. We are just as determined as ever to get debt free. We had planned on dealing with the car loan after the rest of our debt is gone but now the car payment is gone and we will not buy another car any time soon. Not on our radar at all , not anytime soon.

The main lesson for us, is how wonderful having that emergency money was !! No stress when the truck radiator blew the day after the accident, and that was huge !! we have to build it back up and that is our first goal, then the first bill on our debt snow ball will get blown up !!

The only sad thing for me is, we had gotten the car for me to have some freedom and to get a job, I only got to drive it once, home from the dealer. Never got to go job hunting. So, gonna work hard on my jewelry and blogs and do my best to earn a bit each month to get the debts paid OFF !!I hate being home bound, but until we can get rid of the debt, no car for Stephie, lol !! Just how it has to be for now !!

I appologize for not being around much, but over the next week you will see more from me as I get back into the swing of our lessons and sharing them with you !! We will be making up our March budget as well and that will be fun, never used a spread sheet before !!

Thanks so much for stopping by !!


Stuff happens, be prepared !!

I am so grateful we had just started our program to pay off debt when yesterday happened.  We had a day that you hope does not happen but you should prepare for, just in case.

A car accident.

It was raining and wet and we came around a corner and  my husband was faced with three  vehicle  and a trailer pile up, we both thought we would hit it, but he managed, against all odds to stop about five feet before the accident, we were so happy and then he looked in his side mirror, yelled a swear word, and bam, we were hit.

We were lucky. The full size picked up managed to change  lanes, but in changing lanes quicky, his trailer spun around and wacked the back driver side corner of the car, ripping the wheel off and breaking the axil. Other damage to the back happened as well.


That is the rear wheel, it is bad. The rest of the car is completely unhurt as far as we could see. Not sure if any debris hurt it, but it seems fine. Side airbag came down and we sat in shock. I was terrified we would get hit again. I sat a bit frozen for a few minutes. David got out and checked and came b ack and told me it was pretty bad.

so, we were certainly not emotionally prepared, but with our 1000 savings in place, we could cover the expenses we incurred. Fifty bucks to the car rental, just a hold until we give it back, our insurance is paying for our rental car.

We did  get fast food after we got the rental car, we were a bit shell shocked and had to go shopping for food, and were not up to it so we got Mc Donalds and went home relax. We had to pay 80 for both of us , to the doctor for after hour appts, but that is much better than the 100 or more each we would have paid for the ER and we got excellent care from our own doctor office. That will be reimbursed almost imediately by our insurance and will be put right into our bank account by them as soon as we get the reciept in to them.

After the doctors we did go to the store and pick up some groceries to make dinner. It was not what we wanted to do, but we knew we had to. So, we did. We were so exhausted it took everything to cook after our day, but we were proud of ourselves for being responsible both with our money and health by eating a home made and healthy dinner.

Whatever happens with the car, we will take any extra money and use it to debt snowball our bills. If the car is totaled, we will not replace it at this time. We will take time to pay off debt and save up to get another car. If repaired, we will take any money recieved and pay it toward the debt snowball, after replacing any money from our emergency fund. I t hink we can actually cover it from our grocery and entertainment funds, we  might not even have to touch the emergency money.

So, even just starting out,  having that emergency money is crutial.  We should know by Monday the fate of our new car. We have not even paid the first payment yet. It is really crazy.

So, make sure before you start your debt repayment to have that emergency fund started. Knowing we had  money in the bank to deal with this situation made it so much less stressful. Words really cannot convey how much it helped our peace of mind.

By Monday we should know if we have our car or not. At that point we can settle the claim as we have no real medical to worry about. My hubby was on vacation and has taken one additional vacation day to recoup. We are still a bit sore , and then Saturday he can return to work. No lost wages, no medical treatment to seek, that helps a lot.

The accident was caused by a big rig stalling, so you just never know what life will throw a curve ball at you. Having that emergency fund there will give you peace of mind when something unexpected happens.

Also, check on your auto coverage. Make sure you have enough,  make sure you are not left high and dry. Get  uninuranced motorist. We have it, should not need it, the guy had a current insurance card, but you never know if they  missed a payment and you are stuck with the bills. Be responsible and protect yourself. You may need it that day and that is what insurance is for.

We are so grateful we are fine. I have sent many thanks to God for that. We walked away .

Many thanks to the firemen and police officers that took such great care of us all. They even took us to a gas station to meet our ride. Never rode in the back seat of a cop car before, very interesting and so uncomfortable. Glad I live a life where that is the only reason I will ever ride in a cop car !!

We were so grateful for the ride, it was cold and far from bathrooms, so it was wonderful and much safer for our daughter in law to pick us up there !!Thanks Melissa, we are so grateful for the ride to the car rental place. We appreciate it so much !!

So, we learned a lot, luckily in a good way as we were prepared. I cannot wait until we are debt f ree and we can build up that emergency fund even bigger !! Having money to help you face an emergency give you such peace of mind.

Thanks for reading !!